We structure innovative corporate finance solutions for middle-market companies facing limited, short-term or expensive alternatives for raising capital.

We enable companies to sell their real estate and replace ownership with a long-term lease. This frees up 100 percent of their equity and allows for reinvestment in their core business at far greater returns. Most importantly, once we’ve agreed to terms, we stick to them every time.

Working in-house, our financial professionals take the time to understand your business, your assets, and your needs.
We take the time to ask questions. Before we offer our commitment letter, we take the time to get to know your company on a personal level through our Financial Due Diligence Call.
After all questions have been answered, we offer a Commitment Letter that we stand behind 100 percent. We do not re-trade terms, and we will be prepared to close for cash.
Once you’ve accepted the terms in our Commitment Letter we’ll immediately begin finalizing the contract and lease terms.
We close on-time, for cash and at the terms agreed to in the executed Commitment Letter. Our legal team is the best in the business and our perfect track record can make you feel at ease.


Transaction Type: Sale Leaseback Properties

Transaction Size: $2 million – $40 million

Property Types: Office and Industrial facilities

Tenants: Companies with revenues of $20 million – $1 billion, investment and sub-investment grade

Industries: Across most industry sectors (excluding retail and restaurant locations)

Lease: Bond type, market rent, 20 year lease (typically)


For our sale leaseback real estate transactions, AIC Ventures acquires single-tenant leased or owner-occupied office, industrial or warehouse properties central to the ongoing operations of a middle-market company, often headquarter facilities.


AIC Ventures considers acquisitions in the top 150 markets in the U.S. Our focus is on properties located in markets with healthy, recurring demand for the building type. AIC Ventures’ geographic focus for leaseback real estate opportunities spans a range of top metropolitan areas in the U.S., including: the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, Northeast and Southwest.


AIC Ventures focuses on properties with acquisition prices between $2 – $40 million.