The AIC Difference

AIC Ventures is an investment fund manager providing alternative capital solutions to middle-market companies throughout the U.S.A. We acquire existing property and create new leases, acquire property that is already leased or perform build-to-suit capital for new property.

As a real estate pioneer, AIC Ventures has raised the bar in the industry”the firm’s partners and professionals are focused on integrity, creativity and ensuring that sale leaseback finance solutions meet middle-market companies’ objectives.

Our sale leaseback professionals possess decades of experience in real estate, capital markets and corporate finance and drive transactions from inception to completion with unmatched agility. Our team capitalizes on its strong, long-term relationships and works hand-in-hand with tenant companies and investors to achieve superior results.

We enable companies to sell their real estate and replace ownership with a long-term lease. This frees up 100 percent of their equity and allows for reinvestment in their core business at far greater returns. Most importantly, once we’ve agreed to terms, we stick to them every time.

More About AIC

  • Sellers Succeed.We offer capital without complexities. We close for cash without external approvals and have full discretion to commit funds.
  • Performance-Driven.We have an impeccable track record of closing every purchase on time and at the terms originally negotiated.
  • Acquisition-Ready.With a dedicated team, we are prepared to acquire middle-market companies’ key real estate assets across the U.S.
  • Satisfied Sellers.We establish positive, long-term relationships with our tenants.

Mission Statement

The AIC Difference

AIC Ventures is founded on strongly-held business principles. As principals and fiduciaries of the funds we invest and manage, we demonstrate:

  • Integrity in everything we do.We are committed to upholding the highest level of ethics and professionalism, without exception.
  • Building value with relationships.We build positive, value-added relationships with sellers and professional resources.
  • Responding quickly to the market.We work decisively and quickly to complete transactions.
  • Straightforward acquisition execution.Once transaction terms are defined, they stand unchanged through closing and terms are never re-traded.
  • World-class professionalism.World-class professionalism.
  • Unmatched results.We are diligently focused on delivering meaningful results to all of our vested stakeholders.